Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take a Chance

Why didn't I think of this sooner? I have started keeping and washing out the glass bottles that I have been getting my kombucha in. Until now, I have been making and storing my kefir in one quart mason jars. This is great for making it and even though I consume a quart of kefir in a couple of days, I haven't been too pleased with using the jars to store it. I don't have any lids other than the two-piece canning lids and these are just not ideal for kefir. Canning normally creates a vacuum that makes the metal lids perfect for that purpose. Kefir, however, builds pressure in the jar. This hasn't been a real problem - it just tends to be a bit messy. For the last two batches of kefir, I have used the empty kombucha bottles. Two of them hold one quart nicely! Also, I find it easier to drink the kefir directly from these bottles rather than pouring it into a glass from the mason jar.

I decided to Take a Chance on water kefir (song reference courtesy of The Steve Dunn Band with Take a Chance). The other day, I got a $25.00 gift card for amazon.com as a reward for completing a survey. Today, I used part of it to order some water kefir grains to complement my milk kefir. I am looking forward to giving this a shot. It sounds really easy to 'brew' water kefir and also really versatile. Besides that, it will be a LOT more affordable to make water kefir than it is to make milk kefir! I do intend to continue making milk kefir - I will just be able to make less.

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