Thursday, May 31, 2012

Isn't It Ironic...

I could go on forever quoting songs in this post, but I won't - well, maybe not too much.
Ironic, why? (Song 1, Ironic - Alanis Morissette) Well...a little over a week ago - on May 18th, to be exact - I suffered a stroke (song 2, The Stroke - Billy Squire). After so much effort to achieve wellness, I can still suffer from a setback such as a stroke. You know what, though? 'Suffer' isn't exactly the right word. 'Experienced' is more appropriate, I think.

For the last few months - well, since January - I have been working for a radio station (actually working, not just interning). I started with one shift per week but had added a second and, recently, a third shift. I am a board operator for WCCC AM 1290 Beethoven Radio. While the station is largely automated - playing classical music 24/7 via - it hosts the satellite broadcast of Imus in the Morning, M-F from 6-10 am, over the air. It is my job to receive the satellite signal and make sure that it goes out over the 1290 AM broadcast channel. As well, I have to report the news, weather, and traffic for the Greater Hartford area throughout the 4 hour broadcast.

On the 18th, I did my normal radio shift and then went to help a friend with an A/V (audio/visual) job. I got home around 2 pm and immediately set myself to a video editing project that I had been working on. It wasn't long before I started feeling odd sensations. Well, largely because I don't fully recall all of the details and because the details don't really matter, I'll just say that what I was experiencing was a stroke. My wife enlisted our neighbor's help in getting me to the hospital and the last thing I remember from that day is my wife getting out of the car and rushing into the hospital. After that, while I didn't lose consciousness, I lost all coherence. The next thing I know, I was waking up in a hospital room on Saturday morning - though I didn't even know that it was Saturday at the time - with my parents, wife, and daughters smiling at me.

As mentioned, what I experienced was a stroke. The cause is yet unknown. One thing that I do know is that my recovery has been remarkable! The fact that I am even able to write this post should give some indication to my healing.

I was released from the hospital on the Tuesday following the stroke with almost all function and faculties with me. I still have some therapy scheduled over the next few weeks but, after only my second session, the therapist doesn't think that I will have to go for the full 12 sessions that were scheduled.

I largely contribute my fast recovery to my continued use of VIDACELL.