Friday, October 13, 2017

Oh My! So Good!

...and crazy simple! Last month, the family went to the Eastern States Exposition - better known as The Big E. The weather was fantastic, it was great family time, and it planted a seed (pun intended) for the new path on My Journey to Wellness.

The seed that was planted was my discovery of the booth of Hempfully Green Healing House on the Vermont property of The Big E. While hemp is closely related to marijuana - like cauliflower is to broccoli - hemp lacks the quantity of the psychotropic compound "THC" that marijuana has but still has the compound "CBD" that provides the primary benefits of hemp! It's kind of like comparing kombucha to vodka - both have alcohol, but you won't get drunk from kombucha.

The next step on the path was to find a good source of hemp seeds/products to add to my diet. This was a big step! My focus was to find viable hemp seeds that I could sprout to gain the additional benefits. While there are organic sources, everything that I could find was hulled and can't be sprouted. I did find a potential source for viable seeds, the cost was too high - 2 oz. for $20! If my interest was to plant and grow hemp, that might not be so bad. That's not my goal, though. I simply want to gain the additional benefits of the sprouted seeds and there is no way that I can afford a daily 'snack' for $20 each! So, until I can find a good source of viable, sprout-able hemp seeds, I'll go with the organic, shelled seeds.

Call it faith or fate... my next step came from Ocean State Job Lot. Last week, they had a 40th anniversary sale - everything priced less than $10 was on sale for 40% off - so, we went shopping! Ocean State Job Lot has an amazing selection of Bob's Red Mill products - most of which qualified for the sale. I picked up the Hulled Hemp Seed Hearts and the Hemp Protein Powder.

Last night, it took another step on the path - and, the source of the title of this post... Certainly not a great recipe but it was so good! I made a simple mix of the seeds, protein powder and ...drum roll, please... peanut butter!

Today, while composing this post, I took a relatively short step on the path. I made the same mix that I did last night but added a tablespoon of coconut oil. I'm thinking that I am going to cut out the peanut butter from the mix...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Thrill!

I went grocery shopping yesterday and got really excited when I found a new item in Stop & Shop's "Nature's Promise" section of the store! As I was picking up my fertilized eggs, raw cheddar cheese, and GT's Kombucha, I found that they had added a new item there - "Nature's Promise" Organic Kombucha! OK, so perhaps I was a bit too thrilled by my discovery, but it's always great to find a new option for something that you really like. The primary benefits of Stop & Shop-brand items are that they are less expensive and as good or better than the brand name options.

Well, as it turned out, I was a bit too thrilled... There were 3 flavors of "Nature's Promise" kombucha available. I chose 2 of them - "Ginger" and "Raspberry Lemon Ginger" - to try. The results? I didn't like either of them.

The result? The thrill is gone... B.B. King, The Thrill Is Gone

Friday, November 25, 2016

Smoke on the Water

I probably could have com up with a more relevant title for this post, but I couldn't think of a better smoke-related title. So, Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" it is! Why smoke? Well, read on...

Today was an interesting Black Friday 'shopping' trip! We had every intention to do no shopping except for some groceries and our weekly pick-up of our raw milk at Deerfield Farm. Well, we ended up having one brief detour from the plan...

Yesterday, I read an article that described the benefits of 5 plants - benefits to improve your sleep. Who can resist the ability to experience better sleep? Soooo, I checked things out.

First, the article explained the benefits to have aloe vera, English ivy, snake plant, jasmine, and lavender plants. For me, two of those plants really struck a chord for me - English ivy and snake plant. According to the article, English ivy "is easy to grow and is the best air-purifier of all. It may be beneficial for those who have breathing problems and asthma. Studies show that English ivy can reduce air molds to 94% in 12 hours. You can hang it in a pot inside your house, or place it on a ledge where the leaves can trail down." Rather than it being a 'sleeping plant,' the "best air-purifier" is what really stood out for me. As for the snake plant - "They improve the quality of air and overall atmosphere at home ... They also filter nasty household toxins from the air." That last line is what really attracted me to snake plant. We live next door to a smoker - well, two smokers, technically - and we get way too much second-hand smoke infiltrating our home. I don't know if the snake plant will do too much for us as far as second-hand smoke is considered, but I can't rule out its potential benefits.

As the snake plant came in a decent-looking pot and I didn't want to spend anything for a better pot, all that I did need for pots for the ivy plants. So, for a grand total of $30, we ended up with 1 potted snake plant and 1 plant each of two different varieties of English ivy, the necessary potting soil, and 2 pots for the ivy plants. As soon as I got home, I re-potted the ivy plants...

The current plan is to put one ivy plant in the bathroom for its air-purifier/air mold-reducer aspect. Given that there is NO sun in the bathroom, I plan on rotating the ivy plants- one will stay where they are sitting in the picture while the other will be in the bathroom. I want them to establish their roots in the new pots before I start the rotation. As for the snake plant, my plan is to set it downstairs in the basement where the second-hand smoke seems to infiltrate our home.

When I re-potted the ivy, I took two of the vines from each pot and put them into a decorative 'vase' that has been empty for several years...


Hopefully, the ivy will take hold and provide both of its air-purifying benefits along with the decorative look!

I'll be sure to update you with the progress...