Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journey to Wellness - the Podcast!

It is finally live! - well, live in a recorded sort of way...

Through an interesting path on my journey to wellness, I have started a radio show/podcast! Having completed my course at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I am now able to host my own internet radio show through ALL NOiSE RaDiO. It seemed a logical step to bring my blog - the very blog that you find yourself reading right now - to the airwaves. I invited my good friend, Marcus Milukas, into the studio as a perpetual guest on the program. We discuss various wellness related topics over the course of a 1 hour talk radio show.
As an adjunct to the ALL NOiSE RaDiO broadcast, I have posted the individual segments (four 14 minute segments make up the hour) on a podcasting service and have submitted it (pending approval) to iTunes!

You can also visit us on facebook at Journey to Wellness.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fix the Flapper!

Going forward, I am not going to be tying every post - well, nearly every post - to a song or album. It was fun while it lasted, but as it went on I found that it was hindering me in posting entries. If I didn't have a good song reference, I wasn't posting anything. It had taken over from the real reason for this blog. While I might, occasionally, make a song reference or two, it will no longer keep me from posting when I just can't come up with one.
What has been and will continue to be the primary focus of this blog - my personal journey to wellness - is becoming an internet radio broadcast - suitably called Journey to Wellness! My recent completion of Phase I of courses at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting comes with some privileges. In addition to lifetime use of the studios (at any of the 12 campuses), I can develop and broadcast my own radio show via ALL NOiSE RaDiO - an internet radio station powered by CSB. Actually, I have several radio shows in the works, but putting together Journey to Wellness has been a major thrill for me over the last couple of weeks. One reason for this was the fact that putting this show together resulted in a reunion with a good friend of mine, Marcus Milukas. Marcus and I reconnected through facebook a while ago and found that we live only about an hour away from each other.
Marcus is going to be a perpetual guest on Journey to Wellness. Together, we are going to discuss wellness-related topics. He is going to focus on the emotional wellness while I focus on the nutritional and physical wellness. In addition, we will be inviting various guests to discuss financial wellness, spiritual wellness, and other aspects of wellness - it all depends on the guests that we find!
I will be announcing when the show airs once I have that information so please be sure to tune in! that I am not referencing songs in every post's title, just what does the title of this post refer to? "Fix the Flapper" is my new motto and to find out what it means you will just have to listen to the show!