Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Spirit of Radio

After a month of (almost) daily posting - except for Sundays - during the month of April, it has been over two weeks since my last entry. My absence can be explained by the fact that these last couple of weeks have been really busy!
I finished up Phase I at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and have been getting things started for Phase II. While Phase II is likely to be a lot less intense than Phase I, there is still work to be done - demos to record, resumes to be sent, radio shows to be broadcast... all hopefully leading to an internship and a job! When I started attending classes at CSB, I was pretty sure that I wanted to get into radio. Now, I am not so sure if I prefer radio over TV. Honestly, I like both and would be happy with a job in either field. I couldn't resist using Rush's song The Spirit of Radio as the title of this post!

Today, as a sort of reward for finishing Phase I, I purchased a new pair of shoes for myself. In a previous post, I mentioned Vibram's FiveFingers. Originally I decided to pass on the FiveFingers, but I kept wanting to take another look at them. Additionally, I kept seeing other people wearing them. While I don't pay a lot of attention to the shoes that other people are wearing, these shoes are pretty noticeable. Well, I went back to the store to give them another shot. I tried on two different pairs - one that I had tried on my previous trip and a new style that wasn't previously available. I ended up buying (and loving!) the FiveFingers Bikila LS. I am really looking forward to going for a walk wearing these shoes! I think that they are going to be a major part of my journey to wellness.