Saturday, January 23, 2010

Phase 1 comes to an end...

I find myself at the end of the second week of The Maker's Diet with only a couple of bumps along the way.  Granted, I didn't always follow the recommendations exactly, but I came as close as I could without too much additional effort.  My plan is to progress in my food sources (grass-fed, organic, etc.) as I grow more comfortable with the acceptable foods.  The really good news is that with the onset of Phase 2 comes a larger selection of foods.  While processed foods are still taboo (and always will be), more fruits are now on the acceptable list.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the first 2 weeks - with the exception of the cheat meal I mentioned in an earlier post.  I do feel a little better, though the tingling/numbness in my feet and legs hasn't subsided - not that I expected it to this early on.  I am fairly certain that my progress would have been a little better if I had been able to make better food choices, but at this early stage I am not at all discouraged.  I figure that I have been eating less-than-optimal foods for so long now that any progress is better than nothing.  I know that I will eventually get to where I want to be nutritionally.

So, Phase 2 began with a bang, today.  I started the day - after taking Ginger for a brief walk - with an omelet and an apple.  Being denied something - even if it is something that you might normally not eat for a couple of weeks - causes that something to taste all that much better.  This was probably the best apple I have ever eaten!  Shortly after finishing my breakfast, I promptly fell asleep again.
Upon waking for the second time of the day, I decided to get some exercise done.  The girls had gone to their 4H meeting, so I had the house to myself.  As a result, I turn on my Wii, popped in my Wii Fit Plus and proceeded to log a little over an hour of activity!  About the time that I was ready to call it quits, the girls came home.  I had hoped to be done and showered prior to their return, but I went a little longer than expected.  As it turned out, Rae needed some help with some stage combat choreography for a play she is directing for a homeschool group so I helped her with that - surprised that I had the energy to do it!

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