Thursday, January 7, 2010

Done reading. Now to implement it!

I finished reading The Maker's Diet moments ago.  I am fairly happy that quite a few of the allowed foods for Phase 1 are things that I already have in the house.  Though what I have may not be the optimal variety (organic, grass-fed, etc.), at least I won't feel guilty in eating them until I can locate/purchase the better option.  I still need to peruse the The Maker's Diet: Shopper's Guide to see what added benefit that offers.

As it stands currently, I am pretty excited about the possibilities for this new direction in my life and the impact that The Maker's Diet might have on my journey to wellness.

Additionally, the girls wanted to spend some of their Christmas money, so we went shopping.  For $19.96, I picked up Wii Fit Plus to expand on my options.  I was happy to learn that the new edition imported the data from the old version.  If you have Wii Fit already, you do not need to purchase Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board but can simply buy the Wii Fit Plus and pop it in instead of the original disc.  If you have not yet purchased Wii Fit then you can simply purchase Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board and you are good to go!

We have only started exploring the new options, but so far I like it a lot better.  There is an added 'routine' option.  This allows you to choose pre-made routines or design your own - essentially allowing for a smoother transition between exercises.  As well, you can more easily switch between users.  This is great for us as one of us will 'play a game' while another watches.  Invariably, the watcher will want to try out the same game.  With the old version, this meant returning to the Wii Fit Plaza screen and selecting the other user's Mii in order for them to play without screwing up the games record keeping feature.  Now, the other user can easily 'sub in' for a turn or two and still keep accurate records.  Finally, accurate or not, the new version includes an estimated calorie burn counter.  I am always doubtful of the accuracy of built in calorie counters as there are too many factors involved - weight, age, and body fat percentage just to name a few - but it is nice to have an indicator of how hard you worked.

As if that weren't enough...
I had ordered some B12 supplements as it seems that a lot of the symptoms I am experiencing could be due to a B12 deficiency.   My delivery arrived today.
According to the WAPF website "The most commonly used form of B12 for treatment in the US is cyanocobalamin. Only two forms are active in the body, however, methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Cyanocobalamin must be converted in the body to either methyl or adenosyl cobalamin by the enzymatic removal of a cyanide molecule. (The amount of cyanide produced during this process is very small but still could be problematical); whereas the body can immediately use supplements of methylcobalamin (the only active form of vitamin B12 commercially available in the US). In a study that looked at the ability of vitamin B12 to extend life in mice with cancer, methylcobalamin led to significant increases in survival time while cyanocobalamin had no effect (Tsao CS and Myashita K. Pathobiology 1993;61(2):104-8)."
As such, I was sure that the supplement I ordered was the methylcobalamin variety.  I had gone to local stores, but was only able to find the cyanocobalamin compound.  Fortunately, I was able to find the right compound online so I ordered two, 30 count bottles.  I figure that a two month supply combined with The Maker's Diet should give me an indication of its efficacy.  Once I am in full swing with the diet, it is likely that I will no longer need the supplement, but I will judge things at that time.

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