Monday, January 11, 2010

Charity Fund Raiser!

This entry is a bit of a departure from those of the last week.  I will be returning to my Maker's Diet experience in future posts, but I wanted to announce a fund raiser for the charity of your choice!

Last year, I self-published a book, The Armor of God through  The book was the result of a year-long Bible study that I did on Ephesians 6:10-20.  I wanted to learn what it meant to wear God's armor.  Obviously, in this day and age, we have little clue what it meant to actually don a suit of armor to prepare for battle.  Sure, some of our soldiers put on their body armor to go to war, football and hockey players (especially goalies) put on their pads for the game, but the majority of us simply don't wear armor.  As such, I thought that the impact of the passage was largely lost on us - I mean, we understand that armor protects us, but we don't fully understand it.  So, I studied out each piece of God's armor.  I wanted to know why a particular piece (belt, breastplate, helmet, etc.) was tied to a particular virtue (truth, faith, righteousness, etc.).

Upon embarking on the study, I was quickly amazed at the findings and I wanted to share them with others.  First, it became a play depicting a man preparing for knighthood on one side and a group of guys studying the Bible on the other.  On the one side, as each piece of armor was placed upon the soon-to-be knight, its purpose was explained.  On the other side, the guys discussed what each piece of God's armor meant to us. 
The play was performed in front of the members and guests of the Greater Hartford Church of Christ several years ago.  Even then, I had hoped to someday convert the Bible study/play into a book.

Now that I have, I would like to offer it up as a fund raiser to benefit faith-based charities.

So, here is the deal...

I will be accepting 'applications' for faith-based charities to receive a donation of 25% of the book sales through my online bookstore.  This will work on a 'charity of the month' basis.  ALL sales of the book during the entire month for which your charity is selected will count.  As soon as the monthly revenues are sent to me, I will send a check in the amount of 25% of the total sales (note: not 25% of the profit but of the total sales!) to the charity of the month.

In order to be eligible, the organization must be a faith-based organization or ministry.  I will review all applications and make all decisions for approval based on eligibility.  Members of the approved organization can then start to promote the book by sending people to my bookstore at  While the book is also currently available through, I can only track sales made via my bookstore.  I will use the calendar month for accounting purposes.  All books sold between the first and last day (inclusive) will be counted in the tally.  $3.00 (25% of $11.99) per book sold will be donated to your group! 
Sell 100 books, raise $300.
Sell 1,000 books, raise $3,000!
If your organization is approved for participation, you will be notified one month in advance in order to provide more time for you to plan and organize your efforts in order to maximize the funds raised for your group.

If your group is interested, please contact me directly at for more details.

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