Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yogurt Making Again.

I woke up this morning to the now-familiar sounds of Ginger whining telling me that she needed to go outside.  Unfortunately for me, she doesn't seem to care what time it is but rather that the sun has started to peek over the horizon.  Of course, due to the fact that the winter solstice has passed, this is happening earlier and earlier.

After getting up to deal with her, I began my now normal morning routine:
  • A moment of prayer and reading from the Bible.  Actually, I have grown accustomed to using the website for this purpose.  It is nice to use the concordance feature to easily find passages dealing with a particular word or phrase.
  • I start my supplement regimen with one capsule of Primal Defense Ultra.  This is produced by Garden of Life - the company founded be Jordan Rubin, the author of The Maker's Diet.  It is a high potency, broad-spectrum probiotic formula, providing a 15 billion live cell count of 13 species of beneficial cultures including soil-based probiotics called Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSOs).
  • Next, I take my daily serving of VIDACELL.  While I could mix this with my breakfast, it is recommended that it be consumed on an empty stomach for better absorption - no other nutrients competing with it.
  • Finally, I have breakfast.  Today, I decided to have some of the yogurt that I made last week mixed with some raspberries, flax seeds, and raw honey.  With breakfast, I took 2 capsules of Omega-Zyme Ultra.  This is a new addition to my supplements and it is another product from Garden of Life.
After I finished breakfast, I settled in to get some reading done.  I read about 20 pages and promptly dozed off...ah well.

Upon waking up - again - I decided to get some exercise in with the Wii Fit Plus.  I put in a little over an hour and a half!

Lunch consisted of a yogurt smoothie.  Nothing dramatic, but I used the last serving of my yogurt so I needed to make more - hence, the next activity for the day.  I tried a slightly different procedure this time.  I stuck to the individual jelly jars rather than making one large batch.  However, instead of heating and mixing the milk and yogurt starter in one pan, I simply put the milk right in the jars and warmed them in the Crock-Pot.  After it reached the proper temperature I mixed 1 Tbsp. of yogurt into each jar, covered the jars, and set the temperature to 'keep warm' to let them incubate.  They should be ready to transfer to the refrigerator around 11:00 PM tonight.  Hopefully, this change of procedure won't have a negative effect on the outcome.

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lifecoachmarcus said...

I am going to have to look into this yogurt making. I love Stonyfield, but at $3.75 a quart it is tough for a family of 5 who love yogurt!