Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mom always said...

How many things did your mom constantly tell you to do when you were a kid that you still do as an adult?
Along with the standard, "Brush your teeth after every meal" and "Wash your hands before eating," my mother added a few 'rules' to the mealtime ritual.
  1. Take small bites.
  2. Chew each bite at least 25 times.
  3. Leave a part of your meal on your plate.
Each of these rules had their purpose.  Taking smaller bites would essentially prolong your meal which helps to improve digestion.  Part of the problem we face today is our propensity for eating quickly and on the go.  We don't give our bodies a chance to digest the 'food' that we are eating.  Chewing each bite at least 25 times goes hand in hand with the first rule.  Yes, it does cause you meal to last longer, but it also aids digestion in another way.  Chewing food thoroughly before swallowing causes more exposure to saliva which helps to break down the food.  This helps it to be more fully digested and the nutrients more available for absorption.  Finally, leaving a part of your meal on your plate was intended to prevent over-eating.  I suppose this was meant to be a sort of portion control.

Since beginning The Maker's Diet, I have been trying to follow the first two rules more diligently.  The third rule is somewhat unnecessary due to the fact that I am already taking smaller, more appropriate portions than I had previously eaten.  As well, by slowing the process down - actually taking the time to enjoy the food - I actually feel 'full' on less food.  This is no mystery, though.  It basically gives your body time to respond to the influx of food.

Yesterday, I made another visit to It's Only Natural.  I was actually looking for a specific product - raw, organic honey.  I was pleased to find that they had a couple of brands to choose from.  As with all other healthier food options, the choices were not cheap.  Well, I ended up picking up a jar for about $11.00.  Given that I intend to limit my usage to no more than 1 Tbsp. per day, this jar should last me about a month (unless Rae decides to also add it to her tea!).  Today, I added a Tbsp. to the 32 oz. container of yogurt I have in the refrigerator.  After blending it in - no easy prospect as the honey was almost solid - I dished out a serving.  I was amazed that that comparatively small amount of honey sufficiently sweetened the entire container of yogurt.  As I primarily intend to use the honey for this purpose, I should get even more than 1 month out of each jar.

It looks like I am going to need to make another visit to Deerfield Farm soon.  I really want to try making my own yogurt and other things that require milk.  I am not sure when I can get there next, but hopefully it will be soon.

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