Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Egg fast going well

So far, so good.  Today marks the third day of my egg fast.  I am pretty satisfied with the last couple of days.  I am thinking that I will extend the fast for at least two more days before adding a little variety to one of my meals.  Given the way that I am feeling right now, I definitely plan to repeat the egg fast for at least three days out of every seven.

I am running low on Genesis 1:29 bread,  As I cannot drive, I need to plan trips when my wife can take me shopping.  I didn't want to run out so I made a trip downtown to It's Only Natural to buy another loaf.  Unlike my previous visits to It's Only Natural, I found that they had Ezekiel 4:9 bread in stock.  As it is $0.80 less per loaf than the Genesis 1:29 bread, I opted to make a change this time.  Both types of bread fit the profile of The Maker's Diet so I don't have a problem with either choice.

When I got home it was time to check on my cheese-making.  I had let the milk sit for 6 days at this point, so I hoped that it had enough time.  I set up my strainer - I resorted to using the cloth napkin again as I hadn't found a better option - and poured the container into it.  It worked wonderfully.  The whey ran through the napkin and the curds stayed behind.  I left it alone for a couple of hours to let as much whey as possible drain.  Of course, the napkin still absorbed quite a bit of whey, but a decent amount made it through.  It should be a while before I will need to repeat the process as I used a full quart of milk.  Yesterday and today, I made yogurt smoothies with my homemade yogurt, some milk, raspberries, flax seeds, raw honey, and I added a couple of ounces of the whey.  I hope to start using the whey on some recipes that I want to try from Nourishing Traditions.

Additionally, I had been soaking some raw almonds in water, sea salt, and granulated garlic.  Enough time had elapsed for the soaking, so I spread out the almonds in my food dehydrator and started drying them out.  While at It's Only Natural, I also picked up some more raw pumpkin seeds.  After I set the almonds in the dehydrator, I started soaking the pumpkin seeds.  This time, I decided to simply do the sea salt and water.  While I really liked the way the chili pepper seasoned the pumpkin seeds, I felt that the chili pepper wasn't ground up finely enough.  I really want to pick up a nice mortar and pestle to better grind the peppers.
Today, I took out the almonds - they taste great! - and put the pumpkin seeds in the dehydrator.


pyreneeshoney said...

What on earth is an egg fast; Eating eggs only? Seems rather unusual. Are the raw or cooked? If so scrambled poached boiled or fried? And do you use seasoning? Perhaps a little salt and black pepper? Can you let me know what the benefits of an egg fast are?

Greg Johnson said...


I detailed my egg fast in the previous post, 'Eating on less than $3.00 per day.' Essentially, during the 'fast' I make eggs the primary staple of my diet by consuming two meals of two eggs with a third meal of something else.