Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheese...sort of.

Alright, so my cheese trial is a partial success.  I didn't want to waste too much milk so I only used about 8 oz. in a small mason jar - I guess it is technically a 'jelly jar.'  I took off the lid of the jar this morning and saw that some whey had come to the surface so I decided to go ahead and strain it.  I took a cloth napkin - a tighter weave than cheese cloth - and poured the 'milk' through it into another jar.  The curds collected in the napkin while the whey was able to pass through.  Unfortunately, the separation was still not quite complete and the whey is not quite pure.  It looks like watered down milk as opposed to whey.  I figured that I would give the whey another pass through my napkin/filter.  After placing the curds into another jar, I set up my filter again and poured what remained into it. The result was somewhat promising.  I was able to get a better strain the second time through.  The whey looks as it should.  The problem - one that I expected - is that the napkin is a bit too absorbent and it seems to have retained a fair amount of the whey rather than letting it pass through.  From my 8 oz. of milk, I seem to have collected less than 1 oz. of whey and about 4 oz. of cheese - not a terribly efficient process.  I think, though, that I lost more during the filtration due to the fact that I ran it through twice using a clean napkin each time.  This doubled the absorbency factor.
In the meantime, the 'cheese' that was caught by the filter the first time through actually tastes more like sour cream than cheese.  That's OK though as it will still be a beneficial addition to the diet.

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