Monday, March 14, 2011


One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands, Limelight by Rush, is the title of today's post. The lyrics say; "Living in the limelight, The universal dream..." It has long been my dream - sometimes acted upon (no pun intended) - to be involved in theater and/or radio. I don't really care if I am in the limelight, myself. I have always just enjoyed being involved in theatrical productions. I have worked on stage, backstage, under the stage, over the stage, and just about any way you can relate to a stage. Circumstances in my life led me away from a career in theater, but it has always been a hope of mine to get back to it.
Today, I am once again starting down a path that will lead me to a related career. I am going back to school! My first class at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting starts in about 90 minutes!

While my Journey to Wellness is far from over, it has taken me to a point that I feel like I can handle a job in a 'light' capacity. Classes will certainly be a test of my capacity for extended, regular activity. I will be attending classes for four days per week for the next 8 weeks - about 5 hours per day.

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