Friday, October 1, 2010

Less Is More...But is it Really?

So, Day 1 of the Master Cleanse is coming to and end and I have only consumed three glasses of lemonade.  I am not sure that less is more in this case, though.  Alright, you may or may not get the song reference this time.  Honestly, I had a hard time coming up with one.  Less Is More is actually the title of quite a few songs.  Most of them - well, in fact all but one of them - I have never heard before.  The one I am referencing is by Relient K.

Normally, when you are referring to fasting, less definitely is more.  In the case of the Master Cleanse, I am really not sure that it is.  With a 'normal' fast, the idea is to restrict food intake even to the point of eating nothing.  The Master Cleanse is different, however.  The idea here is to benefit from the healing properties of the ingredients without introducing new toxins into your digestive system.  In order to gain the benefits, enough of the ingredients need to be consumed.  By having only ingested three servings of the lemonade, I am just not convinced that I have had enough to make a difference.  It is still early, though, so I can squeeze in (no pun intended) another glass or two before bed.  Tomorrow, I just need to work on better time management and space out the drinks better - start earlier and drink more often.

As well, it seems that my modification to the salt water flush is made it ineffective.  Apparently, by consuming one quart of water with 2 tsp. of sea salt quickly, it literally causes the liquid - salt included - to flush right through you within 30-60 minutes of drinking it carrying the toxins with it.  While I had read about the flush, I hadn't really understood the immediacy of the effect.  I have, since this morning, read a couple of different articles regarding a salt water flush - one unrelated to the Master Cleanse.  Knowing that what I did by drinking less water with the sea salt followed by the balance of the water didn't provoke the intended effect, I will do things differently tomorrow morning.

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