Monday, October 4, 2010

I'll Not Fade Away

As day 4 of the master cleanse comes to an end, things are going really well.  I made it through today without any temptation to eat anything even though my daughter made dinner and it smelled really good.  I even sat at the table while everyone else ate their food and wasn't even tempted to taste it.  The potential gain from sticking to the cleanse is just too great for me to stop now.

After dinner, I did a short workout on the Wii with Wii Fit Plus.  I put in about 30 minutes total with Wii Fit Plus and about 15 minutes without it.  Because it was convenient, I also weighed myself.  It turns out that I have dropped 6 pounds since I started the master cleanse!  I can't helped being pleased about this - even though it is not my primary goal to lose weight.  Sure, I want to lose weight - it just isn't my number 1 reason for doing the cleanse.  Since starting the cleanse, I have stepped up my efforts to exercise.  I want to be sure that any weight that I lose is not from muscle.  No matter how much weight I lose, I'll not fade away (Rolling Stones - Not Fade Away).  The nice thing - and somewhat unexpected - is that I actually have the energy to do some exercise.

The only downside to the cleanse so far is that I need to make yet another trip to the grocery store - more lemons and maple syrup!  I don't want to stock up on too many lemons as I don't want them to go bad sitting on my counter, but I should have bought more maple syrup than I did.  Tomorrow, I plan to check out a couple of options for syrup, though.  The two stores I have been to in the last week only sell grade A syrup.  Grade B syrup is recommended for the cleanse due to its higher mineral and vitamin content.

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