Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three in a row...

For the third day in a row, I have been able to take a fairly extended walk.  Today was a  major test of my endurance.  I went for a walk with Ginger that took me a little under an hour.  I would have gone longer, but Ginger spooked and yanked her leash out of my hand.  She didn't run far - she actually came right back to me - but I didn't want to continue walking if she was stressed out so I turned back.  When I returned home, I was somewhat surprised at the energy that I still had.  I decided to make another attempt at learning T'ai Chi.  I worked on learning the first six positions for a while before taking a break.

After a short break, I popped in the Wii Fit Plus and spent some time using that.  The Wii Fit Plus allows you to set a calorie burn goal and keeps a running tab of the calories you burn doing the various activities.  Whether it is accurate or not, I don't really know.  It does provide a decent goal, however.  I have set my goal at 455 calories burned.  This can take me up to 1 hour and 30 minutes depending on what activities I do.  The boxing 'game' seems to be the most efficient (most calories burned per minute) - which makes sense given that it involves both upper and lower body.

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