Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time Is On My Side

Yes it is!  Time Is On My Side - Rolling Stones.  Well, I was down to my last packet of VidaCell this morning.  I thought I had more than enough so that I wouldn't run out before getting my next order.  As such, I decided to give a couple packets to a friend to see if she might be interested in using it.  As well, I started adding a little bit to my dog's food every morning - not a full packet, but about 1/4 of one.  As such, I ended up going through my supply quite a bit faster.  My regular auto-ship order processes on the 5th of the month - which happened to be Labor Day this month.  I was not expecting to get my order for another couple of days due to the holiday.  To my surprise, it arrived today!  Not that I would have trouble missing a day or two, but it is really nice that I don't have to.

Recently, another article was published regarding an athlete and VidaCell.  I wanted to reprint that article for you here.  Similar to Clint Musser, Nick Marinos is a MMA fighter.  VidaCell has become a regular part of his daily regimen.  Here is that article:

“Tricky” Nick Marinos is Ready to Rumble
Nick Marinos
The name “Tricky Nick” may not inspire fear in the average person – that is until they get an eyeful of Nick Marinos as he enters the ring to the sound of a deafening cheering crowd. Make no mistake about it, this Canadian-born MMA fighter is all about bringing his opponent down. With a masterful combination of unexpected kicks, strikes and good old fashioned freestyle slams, Marinos has proven time and again that he can live up to his nickname.
With GreatLife International as one of Nick’s sponsors, victories by KO are now the “modus operandi” for this 36-year old Battlefield MMA fighter. “Training daily at Vancouver’s elite Raw Academy gives Nick a great advantage over his opponents,” said Mike Hammoud, Marinos’ manager. “And, the ability to recover overnight and then train again the next day is a direct result of the phenomenal benefits of VIDACELL!
This ‘super powder’ enables him to train longer and harder than any of his competitors.” October 2nd marks the date for Nick’s next fight where he’ll enter the cage at the Pinnacle Hotel in North Vancouver for his toughest challenge yet. With a current 3-1 record, he’s working hard to make it 4-1 in front of his hometown fans.
GreatLife International is proud to sponsor such a talented young athlete as Nick Marinos and to have VIDACELL as part of his daily training regimen. Our congratulations on his wins!
We look forward to watching his MMA career as he fights again in October.

 I have only watched a couple of MMA events that happened to be on aired on NBC.  My neighbor is actually a trained MMA fighter - though he has had some health issues due to his being hit by a car.  I think, though, that with Clint Musser and Nick Marinos being sponsored by GreatLife International I just may try to catch some more events.

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