Thursday, August 12, 2010

Incense and Peppermint

Incense and Peppermint is a great 60's tune from Strawberry Alarm Clock.  I bet you are wondering why I chose it for the title of this entry...

Well, you may have noticed that several of my entries have music references that are tied in some way to the content.  In this case, it is the peppermint that ties the music to the post.

Yesterday, when I went to It's Only Natural for the quinoa, I also picked up some of my favorite soap.  Yes, that's right...I have a favorite soap.  You might think that this is crazy (sorry, couldn't resist the additional music link - The Cars, You Might Think) but that would be only because you have never tried Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap.  This comes in both a bar and liquid.  Personally, I prefer the liquid.
There is just an amazing feeling of clean when you use any of Dr. Bronner's soaps, but the peppermint variety adds something else.  For a good summary of the benefits of peppermint, I recommend clicking HERE and reading this article.  This soap awakens the senses.  The scent - especially in a warm shower - clears your sinuses.  It is truly invigorating!

I had used Dr. Bronner's fairly regularly when I worked for General Nutrition Center.  We stocked it on our shelves so I didn't have to go out of my way to get it.  After I left GNC, it was not the easiest soap to find.  Grocery stores and mass-merchandisers tend not to carry anything other than your typical Irish Spring, Dove, Ivory, etc., so I was thrilled when I found it on the shelves of I.O.N..

If you want a truly amazing experience without going any further than your shower, click the link, order some Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soap - Peppermint (32 oz.), and take a nice, warm shower.  Even on a hot day, you will feel amazingly refreshed and cool!  Don't be put off by the price ($13.73 for 32 oz.), this stuff is concentrated and you only use a small amount.

Oh, and when your order comes, be sure to read the bottle.  That is an experience all its own.

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H. Nizam said...

Hi Greg,
A liquid peppermint soap,
sounds nice and fresh.
Thank you for sharing.