Thursday, June 23, 2011

Journey to Wellness - the Podcast!

It is finally live! - well, live in a recorded sort of way...

Through an interesting path on my journey to wellness, I have started a radio show/podcast! Having completed my course at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, I am now able to host my own internet radio show through ALL NOiSE RaDiO. It seemed a logical step to bring my blog - the very blog that you find yourself reading right now - to the airwaves. I invited my good friend, Marcus Milukas, into the studio as a perpetual guest on the program. We discuss various wellness related topics over the course of a 1 hour talk radio show.
As an adjunct to the ALL NOiSE RaDiO broadcast, I have posted the individual segments (four 14 minute segments make up the hour) on a podcasting service and have submitted it (pending approval) to iTunes!

You can also visit us on facebook at Journey to Wellness.

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