Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A VIDACELL Success Story.

I am taking a departure from the regular format, today.  I won't be linking a song to this post, for one thing.  Also, this post is not my story.  It is, however, a great illustration of why I use VIDACELL and have been since October, 2008.  I know that it has done wonders for me and my father. 
If you have any health concerns - or know anyone that does - I highly recommend taking a closer look at VIDACELL.  I am a distributor primarily to save myself money, but I would be remiss in my 'duty' if I didn't try to spread the word about this amazing product.

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February 15, 2011

Thank you for helping our Mother!

Mario & His MotherI was first introduced to VIDACELL in November of 2010. When I personally saw the phenomenal benefits of the product, I thought of my mother Concepción Ordoñez Rey. She is 87 years old and her health had really deteriorated over the past few years. Her health problems included mild senile dementia, dizziness, congestive heart failure and COPD. In March, she had a head injury which affected her memory and motor skills to do her daily activities.
At the time, her physician had her taking 12 different prescription medicines and using inhalers. She was very frail and would easily get frustrated because of increased fatigue, an ongoing cough, poor appetite and her failing memory.
The first week of December we initially gave her one pack of VIDACELL per day and increased to two packs after her nurse began to notice some impressive improvements in her health. Each day she continued to improve to the point where she was enjoying life again.
My mother has now been consuming 2 packs of VIDACELL per day for two months. Her physician, after seeing her significant health improvement, took her off of half of the daily prescriptions she had been on for years.
For the family, it has been simply great joy as our mother is now the happy and jovial person that we remember from the past. She sleeps well, eats well and is able to go walking every day with her nurse. It's also encouraging to see her memory return to the point that she now handles her own finances again.
I personally want to encourage anyone who has a family member struggling with their health or simply wishes to maintain their health to try VIDACELL. It's a one-of-a-kind product.
I thank God and VIDACELL for helping our mother! I will continue giving her VIDACELL to keep the joy and vitality in her life - which is the best gift for all of us.
Mario Luis Rangel Ordoñez

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